Graham Quotes

"I think it's better if blokes can admit that they can have crushes on other blokes. I've probably had crushes but never really sexual crushes on men."

"I quite like it when Damon gets soppy, but sometimes he's embarrassed."

"I like Meatloaf."

"Being run over is quite scary, actually - You have that split second when you say '0oh, crikey!' shut your eyes, grit your teeth and bounce off the bonnet. I had to ask a copper if I was dead."

"The obsessive psychos that are our original fanbase, you know, they're the ones I like... Our original audiences, they're the people I'm the most fond of, not the people who just do what the t.v. tells them to do."

on You're So Great "It's quite hopeful but sad. It's got an expression on it, like a scolded puppy."

"It seems that Damon and I are going to be in each other's lives musically forever, in some way or other. Whether it's with Blur or without Blur or sort of like the Old Gits, probably. Which is quite an amusing thought. We just get on very well, especially musically."

"I'm perfectly charming and then at the point where I start forgetting what's happening I get drunk and that's when I turn into a horrible bastard."

"I'm a Christian without God. I'm an agnostic erection boy. Whatever that means... Barman! Barman!"

"Cynicism is something I really dislike, and the thing about becoming soberer and clearer is that a lot of cynicism disappears. I don't want to be a bloke who shies away from emotion."

On alcohol "Chocolate does the same thing to your happy centres. But you can't have ten Mars Bars and be rolling around on the floor insulting people and shouting and crying for no reason. Which is a shame. Heheheh."

On 13 "We've found God with this record. This is the Higher Power album. Music is the Higher Power. Man."

"Come shrink-wrapped to please me."

"I used to have a cat called Bastard. He ran away."

"I only eat beef when I'm in Texas."

"I'm trying to search for inner peace."

"Do I scare people? Perhaps a bit. Alex does, too, although in a different way... he's just so laidback. I'm not. The other week, my current girlfriend was giving me a hard time, and I sat against the wardrobe, and I just started bashing my head against it till I started getting fuzzy vision."

"I crapped on my jumper. I wanted to poo and I forgot it was tied around my waist. I had to throw it into someone's garden."

"Damon wasn't liked at school and I thought he was a vain wanker."

"We used to hang around the music block, mainly because that was where the lads never went. They'd be off on the field playing football and beating people up. I suppose we were the school freaks in a way but never had long hair, nothing like that."

"Jack Daniels makes us all puke."

"Japanease audiances dye their hair blond, dress in Adidas zip-ups and Fred Perry tops - and then they put ties on as well. It's very strange"

"I stopped drinking in June. It's been reported that I gave up drinking over the previous Christmas, but that's not the case. I'm not stupid enough to try and stop drinking over Christmas."

"Alex's idea of glamour is my idea of death, really."

"You can't speedskate without, er, someone to speedskate against."

"If I was one of my friends, Graham Coxon would be the person I most likely saw stopped drinking."

"It's quite good to finally be rich."

"Don't talk to any funny men."

"I've always been hideously noisy onstage - that's where I get my own back."

"The Englishness that we celebrate isn't real Englishness. It's an imaginary Englishness. It's kind of halfway between a piss-take and serious disillusion."

"We're quite strict about being musically correct, using the right chords."

"We can make good music together but God knows what might happen if we tried to make music individually, it'd be shit."

"I dont think there has ever been a time when we felt like giving up. Even during the dark years, we had this feeling it would all come right in the end."

"Me giving up drinking was like a miracle."

"Damon and I were becoming like Business Associates, when ever we seen each we had to dress up in suits and clean our teeth."

"The thing about hating grunge is that grunge is a thing to hate because it was a product, it was another press thing, it says nothing about any punk rock roots that was involved with that music."

"It's embarrassing singing in front of people."

"We used to drink so much. I'd have a bottle of wine under the chair my amp was sat on, and I'd swig my way through that."

"We can't resist being silly."

"Making new music with ourselves is the most rewarding thing, the most fun thing, and the most difficult."

"We made a lot of unlistanable music when we were very poor."

"Of course I'm a Hedonist. What else is there to live for? The rest is just killing time."

"I lose a lot of weight when I come off tour coz I don't know how to look after myself anymore and I don't eat. You're just pampered and looked after, aren't you?"

"After Blur I'll get married."

"Oh, the guys, they have this one obsession. I have to draw the logo on so many boys' bums, on their jeans pockets. It's outrageous."

"When we recorded 'You're So Great', I was sitting under a table and had the lights out."

"I'm trying to learn skateboard at the moment. I tried to skate in bare feet - bad idea. I completely cut up my toes."

"Spiders are cool but I am still scared of them. But I don't kill them."


"You become totally aware of your every action. It's a very weird thing not to be able to walk to the shops without thinking of yourself as the guitarist in Blur walking to the shops."

"Words I use for 'excellent' are brilliant, smart, decent, ace. And we use 'blinking' instead of a real swear word, like when you're with your grandmother."

"My old flat's covered with carcasses of mosquitoes all over the walls. Because I never bothered to clean up, as a warning."

"I don't feel famous at all. I've noticed it, and I suppose it's become an effort to be unfamous."

"I hate a lot of things that Alex stands for I don't want people to think it's what this band is about. All that Groucho Club bollocks and him going on about birds and boozing all the time, I hate that."

"If he (Damon) goes on about football and page three girls that means we all get associated with it. I hate football and I hate page three girls, but people always want to hear Damon's opinion."

"Oasis are pretty thick people, but if what they do sells a lot of records, I don't mind."

"For the backwards guitar in 'sing' I sat down and worked the whole song out backwards, turned the tape over and played it live. It's a fuking complicated way. We're very organic about that though. I won't have things sampled, then they flip it on the computer - I much prefer to do it live."

"We can make good music together but God knows what might happen if we tried to make music individually, it'd be shit."

"I hate the video for "Country House". I love the song, but the association with it has become Page Three and Benny Hill instead of Blur."

"Damon? Sexy? He's about as sexy as a stuffed fish, pal."

"I play a Gibson Les Paul guitar live because it's reliable, powerful, strong enough and heavy enough to work really well and survive."

"Graham fans seem to be really fucking mad. Alex fans just seem to be mad. The classic fanbase of people that like Damon are completely fine. I just seem to attract complete nutters."

"Even people who hated us would come rushing up and say "What was that song?" (about 'Sing')"

"I'm really getting into R&B music. I love the meters and for the next record, I'd like to incorporate more R&B textures. I'd also like to strip down, use a lot less pedals, play my Telecaster and use more wahs. But that's next time."

"Watching Noel Gallagher play, he has too much fucking respect for the instrument. To get the best out of a guitar, you've got to fucking hate it as well."

"Most of America don't even listen to music probably. They just go raccoon hunting or something."

"I was being scared about my guitars being rubbish."

"I like hippos better than roses."

"I don't think there'll be so much muddled thought about us now. It will set us apart from everybody." (about 'Blur')

"I'm single and I'm going to ask Madonna to marry me. I really am. If she says yes, I'm going to do something that will make headlines. I'm going to buy a gun and threaten to turn her into a premature rock widow by putting it to my head! "But I probably won't go through with it."

"Anything that's got more of Graham's guitar playing, I'm bound to like." Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead.

"The first thing Damon ever said to me was that his shoes were more expensive than mine. Eventually he went of to work in drama school in London"

"We're very dissatisfied with anything that isn't slightly....twisted. I like people like John Lennon who are stars in a totally anti-star way."

"We're quite strict about being musically correct, using the right chords."

"When we finsh one album, we immediately start thinking of the next one"

"It's a lot rawer, it may shock some people, but a lot of people will really love it. It's a lot to do with our 'world'" - Graham talking about the album 'blur'

"I used to go round and see him and he'd play me this weird stuff that was just endless piano, with no strings on it at all. It was just nuts." (Graham on Damon)

"On the Japanese version of the Parklife CD the dog's eyes light and when you open it ..... it BARKS!!"

"I'm trying to search for inner peace."

"I don't use very much vibrato."