As it says, all the following links are NO MORE than a pure fiction from my sick mind, and a result of some nights without any sleep. I decided to share the story, hopefully without getting locked in some institution for good. Those are the first three chapters in "No distance left to run", an imaginary story about the suffering of the not-so-young-anymore Damon Albarn. Hope you'd enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing (And I had!). If you have any comments, or even stories you'd like to send over, feel free to do it here.

No Distance Left To Run

Chapter 1: Graham in Wonderland
Chapter 2: Little Bastard
Chapter 3: I remember ///
Chapter 4: I just slip away and I am gone

Dazed and Confused / by

Dazed and Confused

/// - This chapter contains depictions of homosexual activity. If for some reason this offends you, DO NOT read it. Don't say I didn't warn you!